MapWall is a lightweight and easy client-side framework for WebGIS dashboards

The UX metaphore behind MapWall is the sailor's chart table, where the map is on the desk and you move your tools, such as a compass or a protractor, over it.

The core of MapWall is a predefined (though customizable) interaction flow: when the user clicks on a geographic feature on the map, a popup, called watcher, by default opens up. While open, the watcher remains strictly linked to its feature.
When using MapWall you have to write code only for getting data from your source backend and for filling the watchers content.

The framework facilitates this task by exposing API and helpers for simplifying complex but common operations. Useful UI widgets will ease the building process of your map-based dashboards.

MapWall is built on top of the great OpenLayers GIS web client and uses all the magic of the InteractJS library.

The MapWall's first idea was to build a tool for supporting developers involved in the Cagliari2020 project at CRS4

What is it for?

Geo Monitoring

Using watchers you can keep track and query the state of the objects on the map, such as sensors, roads, IoT things, parkings etc.

Big Touch Displays

MapWall performs best on large touch surfaces, like those used in control rooms. Draggable watchers and a toolbar that follows the user make really easy to organize your dashboard

Maps Comparison

MapWall's Multi-Map feature is a powerful tool for comparing different georeferenced scenarios



Popups monitoring features on the map. Customizable layout and content. By using dedicated API methods you can hide unwatched features or update the content of open watchers

Multi Map

Multiple maps on the same dashboard, with independent or shared interaction

Fully configurable

Most Mapwall behaviours are configurable through a JSON file

Layers and Features by id

API methods for direct access to map features and layers using their id or name

Openlayers full support

MapWall always grants access to Openlayers Map object and functions


MapWall is free and released under MIT license. We would really appreciate if you could show this small banner on your application (already present in template files)

<div class="attrib"><img src="mapwall-logo.png"><span>MapWall by CRS4</span></div>

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is MapWall a zero-code webGIS CMS?

    No. MapWall is a client-side only framework for web developers; it eases UI coding by providing API, helpers and a predefined interaction flow. You always have to code the data acquisition as well as your application specific contents, such as charts, tables etc.

  • Not the best option. MapWall works pretty well on mobile devices too, but its UX is intended for bigger displays. To keep your application usable we suggest at least a 10" tablet.

  • An early version of MapWall was created for a super-wide touch surface, developed at CRS4 and called Social Wall... So we just added a Map to that Wall


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